Raith TV

rtvI have been very lucky to volunteer with a collection of lads who have developed a service which Raith Rovers are rightly very proud of.

I joined the interview pool at a time when paper and pen were the most used formats, this evolved to audio recorders, mini discs, phones and now into the world where volunteers can capture great quality video and audio.

Interview duties were inherited from Tom Phillips who had set in motion a relationship with Adam Smith College which saw students film for the website.

As the students progressed towards employment the new blood wained and it was Lylle Kilbane and Steven Ward who emerged as the guys who had the most stick ability. Steven has subsequently taken Raith TV to a new level. Between us we have interviewed a fair few people, here is a list of some;


John McGlyn, Grant Murray, Ray Mckinnon, Frank Connor, Jimmy Nichol, Turnbull Hutton, Allan Young, Eric Drysedale, Laurie Ellis, Marvin Andrews, Gregory Tade, Ian Davidson, Kyle Bennidictus, Lewis Vaughan, Lewis Toshney, James Craigan, Craig Barr, Rory McKeown, David McGurn, David Bates, Ross Callachan, Ross Mathews, Grant Anderson, John Daley, Ryan McCord, Jason Thomson, Paul Watson, Dougie Hill, Liam Fox, Kevin moon, Mark Stewart, John Baird, Callum Elliot, Ross Laidlaw, Christian Nade, Scott Law, Jamie Mackie, Joe Cardle, Greg Spence, Reece Donaldson, Lee Robinson, Joe Hammil, Simon Mensing, Allan Walker, Pat Clark, Brian Graham, David Smith, Greig Spence, Willie Dyer, Colin Wilson, Scott McBride, Danny Thompson, Jamie Walker, Iain Williamson, Damian Caselenovou, Chris Fahey, Andy McNeil, Steve Simmons, Mark Campbell, Mark Ferry, Robert Sloan, Kevin Smith, Gary Wales, Johnny Russell, David Goodwillie, Gareth Wardlaw, Graham Weir, Andy Cook,  Robert Sloan, Scott Mcbride, Stevie Hislop, David Sinclair, Colin Cameron, Gordon Dalziel, Craig Brewster, Ronnie Coyle, Ernie Till, Gordon Wallace, Gordon Arthur, Julian Broddle, Scott Thompson, Shaun Dennis, Stevie Crawford, Jason Dair, Ally Graham, Bobby Geddes, Peter Heatherston, Claude Anelka, Alex Taylor, Jason Rowbotham, Pat Bonnar, Tommy Coyne, Paul Byrne, Paul McStay, Jackie Macnamara, Dennis Irwin, Gary Palister, Jonathon Johansonn, Mark McNally, Tom Boyd, Allan Moore, Jocky Scott, Staurt McCall, Terry Butcher, Ally Mccoist, Walter Smith, Mark McGee, Jim McIntyre, Gary Bollan, Brian Reid, Derek Adams, John Brown, Gus McPherson, Allan Maitland, Gary Naismith, Kenny Black, Derek Ferguson, David Weir, Jimmy Sandison, David Baikie, John Hughes, Jim Duffy, Neil Cooper, Ian McCall, Gordon Chisolm, Davie Irons, Barry Smith, Steven Presley, Gordon Brown, Paul Heaton, Val Mcdermid, Ian Rankin, Arthur Montford, Allan Rough.

Mcglynn RRTVgrant micray

Interviews tend to be of the moment so don’t translate well to a blog some years later. However i have inserted Rory McKeown from a recent match as it shows how we try to work with the players and staff to give fans a bit extra after the match.

If anyone has a burning desire to access something particular we are happy to have a look. meantime I will do some homework to see if we can get some of the end of season reviews and mini docs uploaded.

My upmost gratitude to 99.9% of the interviewees who have been great with us and a particular mark of respect to John McGlynn, Grant Murray and now Ray McKinnon who meet with us so regularly. As the longest serving manager in our time it would be no exaggeration to suggest that over his time at the club John must have met with us in excess of 250 times. Let’s hope Ray can beat that total.


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