April training

A funny old month as the trip swings between being either “ages away” or “just round the corner” the main change over April has been that the great outdoors has taken over from hours spent on an indoor trainer in the corner of a garage.

What learning did this force upon me?

  •  You can’t watch Netflix when cycling up the hills of Fife
  • The wind slows you down which is just not fair
  • The wind is in your face no matter what direction you cycle which is just not fair
  • Run out of water on the road and you can’t scream through for your kid to come to the rescue
  • Cycling in just your bib shorts because you have overheated is not acceptable outside. In fact it makes you look proper weird and liable for a specialist medical intervention
  • Scottish weather means you need to carry more clothing options than a branch of Tiso.
  • Being chased by a Doberman which has slipped its lead is not the same as your own dogs walking into the garage to mooch for any spare food you have in your back pocket
  • Watching the spring classics while eating crisps does not count as tapering
  • The final realisation is that work and the human need to sleep can only be controlled to a certain point and when the need arises they trump training.

Anyway totals were;
Trainer road sessions 7 transferred mileage 135
Road riding sessions 7 mileage 283. Total 418


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