May – last call for fitness

Not so much a training update as a list of factors which have ensured there will be a healthy amount of self doubt and nervous energy when I head off in June.

May was due to be a month of 3-5 day blocks of 40-50 mile rides back to back but…….

The most significant barrier was damage to my calf muscle which meant I could only ride little bursts as and when the pain subsided. Problem is the pain didn’t readily subside so the challenge was to find the source of the pain and to rehab what I had.
Luckily I had the best of advice on tap, Body Motiv8 in Dundee again stepped up and provided the manipulation, stretching, massage and elbow deep rehab required to get me back in the game. It’s a powerful thing when a professional tells you that you will be fine and that pain does not equate with a need to crumple in a heap fearing failure. Quite the opposite follow the advice get a good stretching and massage programme and man up..image

The second aspect was to look at my bike fit, unfortunately I am one of those riders who disintegrates when any aspect of my bike set up changes. I have had 3 years pain free riding due entirely to the guidance I received from PhysioHaus in Newcastle. They were responsible for a fit that changed my relationship with the bike. So I took the decision to revisit given I had pain and that I had been through the following changes; saddle choice had gone from the Selle Smp range back to Specialized Romin and I had changed frame to a far racier geometry than I was riding when I was last there.

A few calls and I was set for a 5 am departure from home to get to their studio for opening time. Was it worth it…..well simply YES. The changes were in some ways minimal; seat up 1cm, setback an additional 2 cm, 5 mm spacer under stem and a recommendation that I consider a 1cm shorter stem if shoulder pain develops. The key change however was the ability to review posture and pedal stroke in real time. The outcome highlighted where I believe my pain was coming from. I have developed a pedal stroke which involved my right foot pointing sharply downwards at all points of e revolution. The diagnosis saw Morgan inform me where and why I had pain before I could share my full story.

Back from the analysis I have put in 150 mile over 3 rides completely pain free. The great benefit for me is that I was visiting people I already had faith in so even though the position still feels counterintuitive I have allowed their knowledge to overtake the scepticism and self doubt I would have developed had I went with another set of fitters.

It’s hard to question the credentials of an outfit who have worked with a whole host of pro teams. I recall John telling me some time back of his experience fitting Jens Voigt who took detailed interest in everything that was done a cross the course of 2 hours and respectfully acknowledged the science behind the recommendations before taking a torque wrench and changing everything back to his starting fit. Like I say some people can ride anything some like me crumble if their little diva needs are not met. I think I am well able to accept being less robust than the Jensie!!

With bike fit sorted and rehab done I am ready, not to the point of facing a challenge well within my capability. More a case of base miles in place and build phase partially complete. It will make for an interesting time on the roads from Kirkcaldy to Contalmaison.

The month of May through the first weekend in June saw me cover;
18 rides
X2 Traineroad. 53
X2 CX. 24
X14 road. 428

Monthly total 505

Total since Committing to the ride in January;image


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