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Pushing pedals for McCrae’s Battalion is the task facing RaithTV’s David Hancock as he takes on a challenge to cycle from Stark’s Park to Contalmaison in France this summer.

July 1st 2016 will see the Centenary commemorations for the Battle of the Somme take place in the French village of Contalmaison. These will mark the contribution made by McCrae’s Battalion which was named the Sporting Battalion as it included football players and supporters of Raith Rovers, Hearts, Hibs, Falkirk, Dunfermline Athletic and East Fife.

David shared that, “having chatted the idea over with Major Tait MBE (Chairman of the McCrae’s Battalion Trust) when I interviewed him for RaithTV in October last year I am now committed to cycle the 670 miles to the French village arriving for the memorial service.”

On behalf of Raith Rovers, Tom Phillips (Director) commented “The Battalion are an important part of Raith Rovers’ history and we have been proud to show our respect through our ‘RemembeR’ away strip for the past few years. This sponsored ride extends our links and it is also exciting to see one of our supporters represent the club in such a positive manner.“

David’s voice will be recognised by many as part of the RaithTV team providing game time commentary and match day manager interviews. caught up with Manager Ray McKinnon who added, “We wholeheartedly support David in his efforts and encourage our supporters to donate to the fundraising efforts. It’s a big ask but with good planning, training and support he can definitely do it.“

David’s planning and preparation can be followed at:

while donations can be made at:

It is with thanks that we acknowledge the sponsors who have helped so much to make the event possible:, Leslie Bike Shop, the Raith Rovers Community Foundation; Jim McMillan Club, Raith 200 club, Raith Trust, Rovers down south and Raith Rovers supporters club.



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Head of Operations for Fosterplus Scotland Geoff Armstrong commented; I heard about this cycle through my own staff and we immediately saw an opportunity to acknowledge our respect for the debt we owe all to those who made such sacrifice on our behalf. In fact we have direct experience of supporting young people who have chosen to explore a career with the Armed Forces after leaving our care. With regards the sponsorship we know David is taking on a big challenge and we will be proud to see the Fosterplus name on his kit as he makes his way to Contalmaison. Good luck

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