After too much time spent scouring through page after page of internet content I settled on 3 main sources for information:

  • Good old fashioned maps
  • Cycling route apps
  • Advertised group rides including; John O Groats/Lands End (JOGLE routes) London/Paris,  London/Edinburgh/London Audax routes

The most useful of which has been the detail contained in the excellent website maintained by the London-Edinburgh-London challenge.

London Edinburgh London Audax

The LEL organisers have provided gpx files on the official website.



My base route will evolve from the L/E/L route as detailed by Ade in his excellent road cycling blog.  Ade’s cycling blog these sections will be restructured to fit with my predicted daily mileage.



Edinburgh to Brampton  Brampton to Barnard Castle

Barnard Castle to Thirsk  Thirsk to Pocklington

Pocklington to Market Rasen  Market Rasen to Kirton

Kirton to St Ives

Kirkcaldy to Edinburgh 30 Miles, Edinburgh to Brampton 91 miles, Brampton to Barnard Castle 52 miles, Barnard Castle to Thirsk 42 miles, Thirsk to Pocklington 41 miles, Pocklington to Market Rasen 53 miles, Market Rasen to Kirton 43 miles, Kirton to St Ives 50 miles, St Ives to Loughton 62 miles = 464 miles

The route from London to Contalmaison involves a 20 mile bridging ride from Loughton to Clapham Common then onwards utilising the London to Brighton sportive route. A short junction ride gets us to the ferry port at Newhaven.

The final stage from Dieppe to Contalmaison will be broken into 2 rides with Dieppe to Amiens route being one recommended by the Big Battlefield ride who kindly sent their route on to me.


The final jaunt will be to head from Amiens down to Contalmaison probably the day before the Centeranry ceremony to ensure we get through the various security checks to complete the ride. Total need a bit more detail to accumulate the updated route but we know it to be in excess of 650 miles or 1046km